2.6mm Creative LED

2.6mm LED Creative 3-in-1 LED for Event Hire

Get true flexibility within your design with this high-resolution 3 in 1 LED, by creating a flat, edge or curve display – or why not use all three at once? With our 2.6mm LED the close pixel pitch ensures it is possible to achieve full HD resolution with 15 SQM of LED, or true 4K with just 60 SQM. For larger projects we own 250 SQM of 2.6mm LED – 1000 panels.

For events, exhibitions and conferences that are looking to stand out from the crowd the new 2.6mm LED is the ultimate solution as there is no limit on your creativity. The extreme flexibility supports flat, edge or curve designs (concave and convex) – or all three formations in one display.

The revolutionary design of the 2.6mm LED enables fast and convenient installation and disassembly, without compromising on quality.

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Key Features

3 in 1 display

The creative possibilities are endless, with the choice of flat, edge or curved formations – or all three in one structure.

4K ultra-HD resolution

With a 2.6mm pixel pitch, it’s possible to achieve full HD resolution with 15SQM of LED, or true 4K with just 60SQM.

Wide viewing angles

This screen also has a 140-degree, super-wide viewing angle, which allows viewing of the screen from acute angles without any shadow and has a variable refresh rate of less than 2880Hz, ensuring that the technology is suitable for TV and film work.

Revolutionary design

Handle design and special magnets on top enable fast and convenient installation and disassembly with the rear accessible magnetic design allowing module service from the back.

Used For


The 2.6mm LED with creative capabilities adds a new dimension to traditional exhibition event technology, allowing you to push past what can be created with a traditional flat display. Build curved walls, cubes, boxes or the shape of your logo and use it to display sophisticated video content.


With 3-in-1 abilities, the 2.6mm LED is a cost-saving way to create a completely unique videowall display that can curve, cube or both! As well as true versatility, the 2.6mm creative LED is quick and easy to build within any experiential environment.

Retail and pop ups

Think outside the box with your next product display or pop up event and use the 2.6mm LED to create something spectacular. Video content can curve, convex, fly and be built into huge arcs, creating a pop up experience that is seriously memorable.