2.8mm High-Resolution LED

2.8mm High-Resolution LED for Events

The 2.8mm high-resolution LED creates an ultra-HD display that takes viewing beyond traditional LED displays. Robust enough for use within an exhibition, event and conference environment the 2.8mm LED invites viewers close to the screen, while retaining high-resolution clarity.

With 2.8mm pixel pitch, this is an affordable and robust high-resolution choice for event, exhibition and conference environments. The 2.8mm LED creates a stunning finish, with intense clarity and a great viewing experience – even when visitors are located in close proximity to the screen.

For events, exhibitions and conferences looking to up-level their event technology solution, a 2.8mm LED videowall is a lightweight choice that can create a high-resolution stunning display.

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Key Features

Super-high resolution

With 2.84mm pixel pitch, this is ultimate resolution for event, exhibition and conference environments. Able to retain intense clarity from up close and far away.

Wide viewing angles

This screen also has a 160-degree, super-wide viewing angle, which allows viewing of the screen from acute angles without any shadow and has a variable refresh rate of less than 1000Hz, ensuring that the technology is suitable for TV and film work.


Each cabinet weighs just 10kg.

Revolutionary design

The new cabinet design of our 2.8mm LED has a quick lock panel, allowing for faster install and access. The folding handle with ergonomics design makes installations and disassembly faster and more comfortable.

Used For


The 2.8mm high-resolution LED is an ideal videowall solution for exhibition stands and exhibition presentation platforms. Affordable, yet without compromising on quality or resolution, the 2.8mm LED can give any brand a dynamic stand presence.


Used as a firm favourite by brands such as Dior, the 2.8mm high-resolution LED is the perfect conference set. Built using modular tiles, the 2.8mm LED can adjust to your conference set and host high-resolution content that can be viewed in perfect clarity from just two metres away.


Use the 2.8mm LED to create a high-resolution product display, videowall, banner or any other versatile design you desire. Lightweight cabinets make it easy to construct a videowall within any floorplan or pop up design. The 2.8mm LED has been used in retial stores across the UK and Europe.