3.9mm Curve LED

3.9mm Curve LED for Events

The 3.9mm curve LED is able to curve in both convex and concave formation, to make waves, create curves and clad columns. Step outside the box with this creative LED solution at your next event, exhibition or conference. Our 3.9mm curve LED is a solution where a curved or waved video display can be made out of our modular LED tiles in any size, shape or formation.

With the ability to concave, convex and twist, our flexible panels are able to create a new wall display to play videos, images, presentations and more.

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Key Features


Exceed the expectations of your visitors with creative content displayed in a curved formation, across the 3.9mm curve LED solution. With the ability to concave, convex and twist, our flexible LED panels will challenge traditional screen formations to create a high-impact display.

Wide viewing angles

This screen also has a 140-degree, super-wide viewing angle, which allows viewing of the screen from acute angles without any shadow, making it perfect for exhibition work.

Revolutionary design

Each lockable cabinet weighs just 8kg with easy lock-in mechanism to ensure that panels can be easily replaced with minimal disruption to the final design. A fanless design also ensures a silent finish, making it suitable for even the quietest of event environments where visitors are located close to the screen.

Super-high resolution

A 3.9mm pitch between pixels means that, unlike traditional LED walls, this solution is able to retain its clarity even when visitors are located in close proximity to the screen – as they often are at exhibitions and events.

Used For


The 3.9mm curve was one of the first products on the market available to curve. For that reason, it has been used at exhibitions such as World Travel Market and the Dubai Airshow to create huge curved arcs displaying video content, waved walls and more.

Music videos

With a versatile ability to curve in both convex and concave formation, the 3.9mm curve has been used as a music video backdrop for some of the biggest stars in the world. With a 3.9mm pixel pitch, this LED is high-resolution for video and film work, creating a stunning curved display that attracts eyes from every angle.


The 3.9mm curve LED is a new way to create a conference presentation display that is accessible to everybody in the room. Due to its subtle curving formation and easily lockable tiles, the 3.9mm curve can be easily deployed across a conference, providing a 360-degree viewing experience.