3.9mm High-Resolution LED

3.9mm High-Resolution LED for Events

A versatile high-resolution LED popular for use at events and exhibitions with a pixel pitch of just 3.9mm. The 3.9mm high-resolution LED creates videowalls with a high-quality picture which retains the same sharp clarity up-close, as it does from far away.

Compiled of modular tiles, which fit together to create a large-scale LED wall or videowall display, the 3.9mm indoor LED can be used to create a stunning wall of LED in the formation that you desire. Perfect for creating digital sets and conference backdrops, as a focal point within an exhibition stand build and as the perfect visual canvas at experiential, pop-up and creative events.

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Key Features


Owning one of the largest fleets of indoor LED for hire – with over 300 square metres 3.9mm LED, allows us the flexibility to deliver high-quantity, complex events at a cost-effective rate. It also means that whatever your vision, we are able to help you create it using the latest LED technology, superior to many other videowall solutions on the rental market today.

Super-high resolution

A 3.9mm pitch between pixels means that, unlike traditional LED walls, this solution is able to retain its clarity even when visitors are located in close proximity to the screen – as they often are at exhibitions and events. The LED screens we offer can display HD and ultra-HD content, which delivers high contrast and incredibly dense black levels.

Wide viewing angles

This screen also has a 160-degree, super-wide viewing angle, which allows viewing of the screen from acute angles without any shadow and has a variable refresh rate of between 1000Hz and 2500Hz, ensuring that the technology is suitable for TV and film work.

Revolutionary design

Each lockable cabinet of LED we offer weighs just 8.5kg with easy lock-in mechanism to ensure that panels can be easily replaced with minimal disruption to the final design. A fanless design also ensures a silent finish, making it suitable for even the quietest of event environments where visitors are located close to the screen.

Used For


The 3.9mm high-resolution LED is a firm favourite for exhibition stands looking to create a fast, affordable LED videowall. Used by brands such as Ford, Vogue, Hublot and Peugeot, the 3.9mm high-resolution LED is a classic LED that has proven beyond the test of time.

Launches and awards ceremonies

Due to our high volume of 3.9mm LED and its high-resolution display that retains full clarity from just three metres away, the 3.9mm LED is the perfect screen solution for product launches and awards ceremonies. Used for the last three years by GQ’s annual awards, as well as for Vogue Festival of Fashion the 3.9mm LED is a tried and trusted solution.

Sporting events

Use the 3.9mm high-resolution LED to create a dynamic leaderboard, playback videowall or presentation platform for your next sporting event. Used each year at sporting events such as The Open and the Rugby World Cup, its high-resolution design will help bring your sporting event to life.