5.9mm Curve Indoor and Outdoor LED

5.9mm Indoor and Outdoor Curve LED for Events

Our indoor and outdoor curve LED that can be used in any weather condition. This solution has a resolution of 5.9mm and can curve in convex and concave format to create any design you desire.

This exclusive LED can curve up to five degrees on each angle with a seamless finish that provides an intense viewing experience. Lightweight and modular in design, the curved LED modules are easily assembled for ease of build at your events, exhibitions, festivals and pop-ups.

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Key Features

Creative curve design

The curve design allows you to create a waved formation of LED to cover an exhibition stand, wrap around a product at a product launch or as an inventive stage set, in any size or shape you desire. The creative solution can be curved in both convex and concave formation up to 5 degrees on each angle to fit around your design.

Indoor and outdoor use

The creative curve LED is available for use as an indoor or outdoor videowall solution, to create a large-scale, mobile LED wall for use at festivals, concerts and experiential secret cinema and pop-up events. With IP65 rated panels, the 5.9mm LED is fully waterproof and can be used in all weather conditions including rain, sleet and wind.

Lightweight and fanless

All of our LED panels have a revolutionary fanless, lightweight design as standard. This allows them to be used in events where visitors are located in close-proximity to the screen or in low-noise settings such as conferences.

Versatile and innovative technology

The 5.9mm creative curve product is bespoke to our fleet, offering event managers and marketers an innovative way to showcase product information, presentations and video content at exhibitions, conferences and events. The high-resolution LED is versatile enough to be used at everything from outdoor festivals and secret cinemas, through to indoor tradeshows, brand activation experiences and retail.

Used For


Used by retailers such as Harrods, the 5.9mm indoor and outdoor curve LED is the ideal shop window display. Challenge traditional shop displays by creating curved walls, product stands, catwalks and visual merchandise activation points that will draw shoppers in and make them want to return time and time again.


Use the 5.9mm curve LED at indoor and outdoor events and exhibitions where curved displays help to revolutionise the way you share content. Create curved video banners, stand displays and large screen videowalls and share content to more people using the power of the curve.

Brand activations

With an innovative curve design and high-resolution, the 5.9mm curve LED product is ideal to make an impact at a brand launch or activation event. Grab attention and sing your message from the sky with a flown curved banner in convex or concave formation – as wide as you need it.