5.9mm Outdoor LED

5.9mm Outdoor LED for Events

Outdoor 5.9mm LED is a dynamic way to display content, advertising, video and live feeds around an event concourse, attracting eyeballs from far away and providing a pixel-perfect experience when visitors are located in close proximity to the screen.

The latest outdoor LED has a pixel pitch of just 5.9mm, which means that it retains excellent clarity even when visitors are located near-by. It is also comprised of a modular system that is ideal for building a screen of any shape or size, for festivals, outdoor events, airshows and exhibitions which require a large screen display.

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Key Features

Super high-resolution

Unlike traditional outdoor LED seen at exhibitions, concerts and festivals, the outdoor LED we supply has a pixel pitch of just 5.9mm, making it one of the highest resolutions available on the current rental market for outdoor displays.

Optional curved display

Our outdoor 5.9mm LED is also available for use as a curved display in both convex and concave formation, up to five degrees on each angle, where required.

Fully weatherproof

Our outdoor LED is comprised of IP65 rated panels, available to use in torrential weather conditions including wind, rain and sleet. This ensures that the solution can be used, regardless of the season or outdoor conditions, to ensure you always put on a perfect show.

Revolutionary design

Our outdoor LED is made up of a system of modular tiles, which lock together in a seamless finish. This ensures that panels can be easily replaced with minimal disruption to the final design and that there is no sliding of the panels over time, ensuring a flush finish on every occasion.

Used For

Sporting events

Our 5.9mm outdoor LED has been used across outdoor sporting events such as The Open, Rugby World Cup and Wimbledon, providing a high-quality display for spectators and members alike. Use as a sporting stage for your spectators, as a public display or as a canvas for your crowd, to never miss a second of the action.


As seen in action at the Dubai Airshow, Paris Airshow and Farnborough International Airshow to name a few, our 5.9mm outdoor LED is trusted as a reliable, high-quality airshow solution. Unlike traditional outdoor displays, the 5.9mm resolution helps retain clarity from a short distance and the IP65 rated panels ensure durability in any weather condition.

Roadshows and corporate pop ups

To make an immediate impact on visitors as they arrive, or queue, use the 5.9mm outdoor LED to create displays for crowds at roadshows or corporate pop ups. Used by brands such as Mercedes and at events such as Goodwood Festival of Speed, this is a tried and trusted way to draw in crowds and create a memorable welcome.