Apps and Content

App and content development

Bespoke pieces of software help fast track your event, exhibition or experiential installation goals. Whether this is touchscreen content, interactive games, videos, social media tools or virtual reality experiences. If you can think of the idea, we can create it.

Apps & Content Services

App and software development

If you have an idea, our app and software development team and partners will help you to deliver it. We’ve helped create custom colour-in walls, projection mapping onto the side of buildings, social media interactive Instagram walls, mobile apps and more. Custom-built, with a lead time of less than four weeks, the team will work with you to figure out your requirements, then make fast, on-trend iterations to the solution you need.

Video content

Want a beautiful LED wall but not sure what to show on it? Our team of content specialists can help you develop, build or just touch up video content and optimise it for your canvas. Our testing facility allows us to set up the solution in advance, test the video content and preload it for a seamless execution on site.

Off the shelf content packages

Our clients often need content packages that are affordable and can be implemented quickly. We are able to provide ‘off the shelf’ solutions that can be easily manipulated to suit an experiential installation or event environment. To show brochures, image galleries, videos, interactive maps and more, from a simple, custom-branded interface.

Why use us?

Bespoke content development

We work with agencies, creatives and developers to create software and content for event and exhibition experiences. From touchscreen applications, to LED videowall content, projection mapping, object recognition and gamification.

Fusing hardware and software

Often we meet clients who know what hardware or what software they want to use, but aren’t sure how to bridge the two together. We can help you source the right hardware or software for your event, or create your own off-the-shelf or custom built solution.

Increasing engagement, making memories

The digital content, software and apps we create are designed to be memorable, measurable and seriously effective. We can help you find ways to increase engagement, track delegates, use motion sensors and more to take your event far beyond expectations.

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