Robot hire for exhibitions and events

Robots are a great way to increase engagement and connect with customers at your event. Surprise and delight crowds with robots that can assist guest check in, sell products, walk, talk and even dance around your event!

A commitment to emerging event technology, means that we now stock robots within our fleet for hire at your next exhibition or event.

Robotics Services

Affordable robot hire for events

Renting a robot for your exhibition or event is often much more cost-effective than buying one, allowing you the flexibility to reuse content or wipe clean for your next event. The robots we offer are versatile; able to be used as an essential touchpoint for guests, an added extra or for entertainment value, depending on your brief.


Robots available for event and exhibition hire

Some of the robots we stock for hire include:
• Nao
• Titan the robot
• LED laser robots
• Dance robots
• Robot toys
• Specific robot characters (estate agent, shop assistant, product manager, host, travel guide etc.)


Robot software development

We offer programming and software development for robot solutions, or can help you to implement your own. Create your own robot personality, style and character traits, add wording and gestures or develop a complete persona for interacting with people and making a presence.

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Resources and examples

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