Interactive event technology

Experiential and interactive event technology services

We know that your audience does not just want to come, look and leave. In an increasingly digital world, incredible content, led by incredible ideas is key to creating memorable and measurable event experiences.

Our creative content and digital services are designed to help engineer your most creative interactive and virtual ideas yet.

Interactive Event Technology Services

Interactive product rental

Smart AV’s fleet contains one of the largest fleets of company owned interactive event technology products in the UK. Together with our interactive content development services and partners, we are able to help you find the right product, then bring it to life. Our interactive range of products includes screens, kiosks and tables ranging from 22” up to 138” in size. We are also able to source bespoke creative solutions, such as our creative curve LED and interactive LED videowalls. Working with leading manufacturers such as Panasonic, Samsung, NEC and Iiyama, we can recommend the right vehicle to create your interactive experience.

Interactive content research and development

We have both in-house and outsourced trusted teams of technologists, researchers and designers who can take a business aim and suggest a selection of interactive concepts to suit. With a focus on fun, interactive elements and how they extend the lifecycle of your event through social media and realtime integration, helping to generate qualified leads. We also know when it’s time to bring in a third-party specialist, allowing you to test the boundaries of robotics, the internet of things and more, within your event experiences.

Off-the-shelf interactive content ideas

Our clients often need interactive ideas. Ways of infiltrating an idea and finding the best way to portray it to a live, event audience. Part of our work lies in the consultancy of a project. Providing ideas, examples and ‘off the shelf’ solutions that can be easily manipulated to suit an experiential installation or event environment. Whether this is a content CMS for showcasing brochures and images, an interactive gallery or social media wall or a gamification element.

Why use us?


Your digital content partner

We work with brands, agencies and designers on client projects that need an element of interactivity or bespoke software development, within events, exhibition and experiential installations. We connect your ideas with digital content development services and the latest event technology to show it on.

Whether it is a large-scale LED wall, a videowall turned into a box, or a simple interactive 85” screen, we can help you develop, build and operate content solutions which are the foundation for incredible marketing campaigns.

Specialist service and testing facilities

Because we own the technology we are able to give you early ideas on what is possible and help you to find new and exciting ways of using high-quality kit such as LED and videowalls

Our team is dedicated to keeping one finger always on the pulse of technology developments, brand campaigns and the ideas that help fuel indescribable moments between you, your clients and their audiences. A 40,000 sq ft space for testing and content development, allows us to help you push the boundaries on what can be achieved.


End-to-end interactive event technology services

We manage the integration between hardware and software, setup testing and use our interactive smart space to provide demonstrations – without you doing a thing. From conception of idea, through to onsite delivery, we’ll coordinate a team of specialists who will work together to launch the experience. On time and within budget, removing the pressure from your team.

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Moving snowball activation
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