Large Format

Large format screens for hire at events

We offer one of the largest fleets of large format display screens, starting at 75” up to 103” with bespoke solutions such as the 98” 4K large format screen with multitouch overlay. Each screen has unique benefits, hand sourced for our clients to produce stunning displays at events, exhibitions and conferences.

We really care about the technology we deliver and that is why we source only the latest products – producing high-quality, stunning screens that change the format of events and conference environments worldwide.

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Key Features

75” & 95” Samsung screens

An investment in the 75” & 95” Samsung ME screens ensures you have access to the latest edge LED BLU (backlight unit) technology with ultra-clear image and high-resolution display. Lightweight in design and ultra-slim, these screens are easy to install and cost-effective within an exhibition or event environment.

84” 4K (with 10-point touch)

This high-quality 84” screen has 10 touchpoints and a 4K ultra HD display. Increasing attention and concentration, it is especially suited to interactivity and can sense 10 simultaneous touches at once. Four times higher-resolution than full HD screens, with low-screen temperature and wide viewing angle for a stunning display.

98” 4K Panasonic UHD with optional multitouch overlay

The new 98” is the largest UHD interactive screen available at scale. This attractive screen comes with 3840 x 2160 resolution in a 16:9 aspect ratio and boasts four times the resolution of full HD displays. Paired with our custom touch overlay, this screen is able to offer advanced multitouch capabilities.

103” large format screen

The 103” Panasonic plasma is a professional grade large-scale screen, for floor to ceiling event interaction and an optional overlay with 32 touchpoints for multiple user interaction. The screen comes with a custom-built lifter and can be used in portrait or landscape position.