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4 Creative Ideas for Mobile World Congress 2018

LED hire at Mobile world congress

It’s almost time for Mobile World Congress 2018. Are you ready to use your most creative ideas yet?

MWC is the largest gathering in the world for the mobile industry. For four days at the end of February, Barcelona comes alive with the latest technology and products – revealing the best of the best in the industry.

For exhibitors showcasing some of the most innovative products and services in the industry, why stick to a regular stand display when you can go creative?

We have been helping to add creative ideas to some of the most memorable stands at MWC for the past 12 years. At MWC 2017 we worked with Intel to create one of the most talked about displays at the show on their stand. The “Wonderwall” was a motion-sensored 6-tonne videowall that reacted to speakers and presentation topics with changing content; creating an incredible visual effect when speakers took to the stage.  

Intel LED wall at Mobile World Congress

If you’re looking to create something just as innovative for the 2018 show and beyond; check out these four key creative ideas.

1. Three-in-One Creative LED

Three-in-one creative LED is LED at its most impressive. Creative LED enables flat, edge and curve LED panels to work together to create one flexible LED shape to take your display to the next level.

> How does it work?

Creative LED uses a close 2.6mm pixel pitch, so modules of all dimensions can be combined to create a shape or design of your choosing. Creative LED is truly the most flexible way to display your content, with modules that are so interchangeable that you have the freedom to create an LED display that represents your brand. What’s more, thanks to the ultra-high-resolution pixel finish, with just 15 SQM of LED you can achieve full HD, or true 4K with just 60 SQM.

Interested? Find out more >

2.6mm creative LED

2. Flown LED

Flown LED is the best way to take your brand to new heights, quite literally. In a crowded exhibition hall at MWC, there’s no better way to make your stand out than with flown LED.

> How does it work?

Depending on your stand location and size, we can suspend LED from the ceiling to create a display effect that is unforgettable. Display content can be controlled from the ground and managed to suit your messaging. Flown LED can be crafted in a number of ways and at a range of sizes, or can even be integrated with creative LED like this example at ICE gaming 2017. Flown LED is a great way to gain visibility at a show such as MWC, and create a memorable stand for 2018.

ICE Gaming Flown LED

Want to create a flown display at MWC? Contact us today.

3. Immersive AV

Immersive AV is a steadfast way to give your clients an experience to remember at MWC. From cube displays with 3D capabilities to entire rooms made out of LED, AV allows you to immerse your clients in your brand story and present your products in a way they have never seen before.

> How does it work?

Immersive LED can be used to support any number of creative ideas that fully immerse the viewer. Many brands have been leading the way when it comes to immersive ideas – one of the most memorable being the IBC Time Tunnel in the Future Zone at IBC 2017. We worked closely with IBC and Google to create a tunnel made entirely out of LED, which presented the newest and most innovative content at the exhibition.

IBC Time Tunnel

Find out more about immersing your audience at MWC >

4. Satellite Events

Are you thinking of running or installing a satellite event at MWC? A satellite event is a great way to host your clients in an exclusive setting and offer a professional insight into your business away from the hustle and bustle of the show. By installing a screen at your pop-up event, alongside a simple content management system, you can impress your audience with your innovation and application.

> How does it work?

Satellite event AV can be catered to your brand and your space to reflect your brand messaging. See your event come alive with a magnificent seamless videowall that reacts to your presentation or speaker and even allows audience interaction using a content curation content management system. Our videowalls are easy to set up, offer ultra high-resolution display and present your brand at its very best. For smaller events we also offer LCD screens to present your content, which can also be inbuilt with a CMS and displayed in creative ways.

Satellite events at MWC

Find more about our AV options for your satellite event >

Ready to reimagine your stand at MWC?

Don’t wait to decide! If you want to make an impact at MWC 2018 contact us today to speak to one of our specialist creative engineers to help bring your stand to life with AV.

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