Social media integration

Social media ideas for events

We help explore how you can extend the impact of your event far beyond the physical walls, using engaging event technology. Social media integration ensures social networks are pulsating with your content, that visitors are engaging with the brand across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram or Snapchat and a buzz that can only signal success.

Social Media Event Technology Hire and Software Services

Social media walls – Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and more

We offer packages on the latest social media walls including Twitter walls, Instagram walls, Facebook walls and more. A social media wall can be created in any size, can be custom branded and can update in real time, depending on your event brief. The social media wall can also be interactive, allowing visitors to scan tweets, open updates and flick through images, or can simply be a stunning visual canvas on which to share content.

Social media experiential marketing

We have helped brands and agencies to deliver ‘Tweet to activate’ vending machines, large-scale Instagram competitions and other social media led experiences that fuel event participation. We own kiosks, vending machines, tables and game stations that can be hired to you and can support or create content for you.

Social media interactive walls and screens

Social media walls that are interactive encourage event delegates to participate both online and face-to-face. We have extensive experience in using social media APIs to integrate what you want to achieve with the technology of choice. From touchscreens, large-scale touch walls, kiosks, tables and more, we can help you deliver interactivity at its most effective.

Why use us?

Using social media at events

We work with agencies, creatives and developers to implement social media activations for experiential marketing that span all social media channels.This includes Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest and more.

Social media and event technology

Having been an event technology supplier for over 10 years we bridge the gap between social media activation, software and the hardware it sits upon. We can help you to utilise the latest screens, LED, videowalls, kiosks, tables and touch surfaces and integrate them with social media software. Creating individual or shared social media experiences, helping you to make the best decision on hardware, software and audience engagement.

Raising engagement and promotion of your event

Having worked with the agencies supporting brands such as Swiss Air, Ribena and L’Oreal on social media event campaigns, we are your expert event technology partner. Helping you to use physical event technology and an online world to attract audiences and build the engagement and promotion of an event.

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Resources and examples

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