Virtual Reality

Virtual reality hire and content creation

The blend of virtual, mixed and actual reality is becoming an expectation rather than an option within event experiences. Audiences increasingly expect to be able to virtually explore new worlds, experiences and products using incredible content led by new virtual technology.

Our fast-growing virtual reality hire division is designed to help facilitate new and exciting virtual reality marketing campaigns, from inception to delivery.

Virtual Reality Event Services

VR Hardware Rental

Within our fleet we own a large variety of VR headsets in high quantities that can be hired for your event campaigns. These include the latest virtual reality headsets including:

Oculus Rift 1 and 2  |  HTC Vive
Microsoft HoloLens  |  Samsung Gear

If there’s an even newer or more ‘out there’ virtual reality hardware you want to use just let us know – chances are, we’ll be willing to invest.

Virtual reality content and software development

Whether you’re looking for a virtual tour of your new office, a delve into your new engine with a fine tooth-comb, or a gaming element, we can help source and support your virtual reality software. Our network of designers, developers, film crews and 360-degree specialists will help you to create a piece of virtual reality content that will remain evergreen for years to come.

Full service virtual reality concepts

If you want to bounce ideas, book a virtual reality lunch and learn for your team or have a brief that you need some help delivering- we would love to help engineer your creative vision.

Why use us?

Your virtual reality partner

Many agencies, designers and developers want to implement virtual reality campaigns but aren’t sure where to start. Smart AV is your sounding board for delving into what could be possible and how to connect the dots.

Wealth of experience

Having been an event technology supplier for over 10 years we not only understand the VR market, but also where it sits within event experiences as a whole. We can help you to create individual or shared campaigns, bring in additional technology and help you make the right decision on hardware, software and audience engagement.

The whole virtual reality picture

Working across multiple campaigns, we don’t specialise in one type of VR hardware – we know them all. This allows us to become a thought-leader, with an unbiased view, on the best VR technology for your specific campaign. Helping you to deliver above and beyond initial expectations.

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